Buy/Copy VIP chapters from Chinese novel sites

I know that you guys find my page through keyword buying VIP chapters.
So to strengthen your trust, I will introduce my service first.
I started the service of buying and copying VIP chapters on Chinese novel sites since 2014. My service has so far only served Vietnamese people. You can use Google Translate to briefly view service information and feedback in Vietnamese at the following links:

Because I realize that the demand for the text of VIP chapters (to read through machine translation tools) of foreign friends is also high, but no one has supported it yet, so I opened another service branch to serve foreign friends.

Here is the two main services I’m providing:
A. Buy VIP chapter (using my account) and send the file to you
Supported sites:
The pricing is written in the form [Currency of the site:Vietnamese Dong]
For example [1:50] means 1 unit of money of the site = 50 VND

  1. (晋江文学城) [1:50] (Account level: 资深VIP, 1000 characters = 3 points)
  2. (潇湘书院) [1:50]
  3. (前路小说) [1:61]
  4. http://book.qq.com (QQ阅读 / 云起书院) [1:50]
  5. (起点中文网) [1:50] (Only copy text for chapters not applying anti pirate system)
  6. (POPO/PO18) [1:11.5] (Buy text chapters only)
  7. (豆瓣阅读) [1:5000]
  8. (米國度創作平台) [Contact for pricing]
  9. (海棠文化线上文学城) [1:1275]
  10. (豆腐) [1:50]
  11. (Pubu) [1:1150]
  12. (爱奇艺小说) [1:50]
  13. (寒武纪年原创网) [1:50]
  14. (长佩文学) [1:50]
  15. (红薯中文网) [1:50]
  16. (网易云阅读) [1:50]
  17. (有毒小说网) [1:50]
  18. (HaReading 悅閱小說市集) [Contact for pricing]
  19. (布咕阅读) [1:50]
  20. (连城读书) [1:50]
  21. (刺猬猫) [1:50] (Account level: 初级VIP, 1000 characters = 4 points)
  22. (SF轻小说) [1:50] (Account level: VIP5, discount: 40%)
  23. (书耽) [1:50]
  24. http://www.laikan.com (磨铁中文网 / 醉唐中文网) [1:50]
  25. (若初文学网) [1:50]
  26. (火星女频 / 火星小说) [1:50]

B. Copy the text (using your account) and send the file to you
Supported sites: same as above, except (豆瓣阅读)
Pricing: 50 chapters/link = 2000 VND

Here’s steps to buy:

1. Contact me to get the estimated amount, or calculate yourself based on the pricing.
You can comment at this page or chat with me via Messenger.

b. Send money
I only accept payments via Paypal at:
Note: Please input your email address (the part before the @ sign) when sending.
The unit of money I will receive is USD. If you pay in another unit, I will convert it to USD for further calculation.
Depending on the USD to VND exchange rate of Vietcombank (Buying Rates – Transfer) on the day of your payment, the actual amount that I received will be converted to VND.

c. Fill out the service form here.
The system will automatically send you an email confirming that I have received your service form. If you don’t get any email, please check the Spam folder, too.
Then you can wait to receive the text file, with transaction history link.
If there is any problem, you can reply to the email directly or visit the link at the end of the email to add comment to the ticket.

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